The Speedbumps are an award-winning American band with a warm, authentic sound, built on a passion for hollow-bodied instruments, indie-folk influences, and singer-songwriter Erik Urycki’s breathy, commanding vocals and canny phrasing. Their latest album, “Soil to the Seed,” was recorded in a remote cabin in the woods of Pennsylvania, resulting recording reflects that total emersion. The Speedbumps’ unique live shows include instruments like Cello, Banjo, Ukulele, Wurlitzer, Glockenspiel, Vibraslap and Mandolin. They have won IMA and AMA awards and performed with artists including Andrew Bird, G-Love and OKGO.


“…some of the most accomplished musicians and songwriters coming up in the growing Americana movement are emerging these days from Akron, with bands like The Speedbumps, who bring a recognizable Rust Belt spin unique to the region, blending hard-earned craft with an unadorned, authentic style. Their brand of Americana, with its spare tuneful melodies and precise string-heavy accompaniment makes them contenders for a significant national presence.”  HUFFINGTON POST

“The Bumps’ stock in trade is wistful acoustic Folk pop led by adaptable vocalist Erik Urycki…whose voice is capable of something approaching blue-eyed soul inflections in places when not indulging in his softer, more doleful rootsy croon.” – AMERICANA UK (Album Premier: The Harbors We Seek)

“The new Speedbumps song is outstanding. It made me cry, actually. It’s a song that has a lot of resonance for a lot of people at this point as they’re trying to figure out what next, ‘Where am I in life?'” – NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO (Dee Perry of WCPN 90.3 ideastream)

“…Warm-sounding songs that feel as spirited and soothing as the subject matter feels acutely personal…Mixing deft musicianship, radio-ready hooks, and grooves that call to mind Punch Brothers as often as G. Love and Special Sauce, The Speedbumps seem to be stretching their arms out to anyone (roots fans, pop-rock radio fans, jazz circuit enthusiasts) with an inclination to sing along, catch said grooves and smile through the sadness.” – NO DEPRESSION, THE ROOTS MUSIC AUTHORITY (Exclusive Stream: The Harbors We Seek)

“…a promising Americana band hailing from Kent, Ohio” – AMERICAN SONGWRITER (Song Premiere: The Speedbumps, “Chasing you Down”)