St. Lenox takes influences from classical music, pop, electronica and jazz. He trained in classical music at Juilliard, and learned the Great American Songbook in jazz jam sessions in Columbus and New York. In 2012, St. Lenox was recognized in the Deli Magazine Emerging Artists Poll for 2012, and played CMJ Music Marathon, the Aputumpu Music Festival and the New York Antifolk Festival.

“St. Lenox validates all those emotions that thoughts of your hometown bring up and which you think are too sappy to reveal. Maybe its rides on Greyhound buses… or the images of crucifixion that pop up now and then in our dealings with the world. Envision a golden-throated jazz crooner singing mercurial melodies over skittery electronic compositions. St. Lenox sits on a stool, bathed in pale blue stage lights, sounding like a beautiful robot from the future.” -The Deli Magazine