Welcome to El Caribefunk—an exotic fusion of Salsa, Funk, and Caribbean music, where undeniable rhythm and poetry express intense color and feeling and inspire “alegría” in its listeners.  This band of Colombians has built a fervent underground following with 2.5 years of nearly non-stop touring in South America. They’ve headlined festivals with acts like Bomba Estereo and Herencia de Timbiqui, played live on Colombian National Radio, and performed on numerous national television programs including TeleAntioquia and RadioUno, but can still be found playing casually in the plaza after a show or jamming with street musicians.

Caribefunk’s members began playing music as children in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia–first rock and funk, then inevitably the Afro-Latino music of their native Caribbean, where leather and wooden tambores (drums) and full-volume sound systems ring out in the sweltering tropical heat. By celebrating Cartagena’s rich African-rooted music–historically cast aside as impoverished, pagan and contemptible–El Caribefunk’s independent musical identity challenges expectation and bridges cultural divides. Whether or not you planned to, El Caribefunk’s rhythm and positive energy will have you on your feet and dancing from the first note.

The Summer of 2014 will mark El Caribefunk’s first tour in the United States, where they will be based out of Philadelphia.“Caribefunk, the Spirit of Cartagena”

– El Universal, nationally distributed Colombian newspaper  – www.eluniversal.com.co/suplementos/dominical/el-caribefunk-esencia-cartagenera-148872