“The blue-eyed soul singer came to his A-Sides session last week and floored this blogger. Watch. Listen. Love.”

– The Huffington Post

“Caleb Hawley’s sharp musicality and clever lyrics are perfectly paired with a healthy dose of pop sensibility.”

– American Songwriter

“Hawley’s stunning voice navigates us through a quick listen of funky, poppy, and hook-filled ’80s onward inspired tunes, where the soulfulness is complemented with horns, harmonica and plenty of grooves. The production is spot on, illuminating Hawley’s pipes, and the beats and vibrant rhythm section leaves a lasting impression on just 6 songs. Could easily be the next big thing in soulful pop music.”

– In Forty

“Let’s stipulate that no one should be compared to Stevie Wonder. But with Caleb Hawley, there it is. Add the songwriting chops of Holland-Dozier-Holland to the mix, season with the ecstatic highs of Ashford and Simpson, stir in the manifold talents of Jackie Wilson, Ray Charles, David Gates and David Gray—and serve immediately.”

– Manhattan User’s Guide