This NYC and automobile-based singer-songwriter is creating quite a buzz across pop, jazz and modern folk circles with his latest CD, Steps. “Hawley possesses the vocal range, poetic license and wit of Jason Mraz; with the fretboard dexterity of John Mayer, minus all the pretentiousness and with a Stevie Wonder sized dollop of soul.” ( Whether he’s playing an original song, or putting his own little twist on a cover, he’s gonna make sure you’re fully entertained…. even if it takes a couple ridiculous dance moves.

2nd Place Winner, Telluride Troubadour (’10)
Finalist, John Lennon Songwriting Contest (’09)
Finalist, New York Songwriters Circle Contest (’08, ’09)
Finalist, Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist (’10)
Gumball Machine Winner, Washington Elementary Talent Show (’96)